Want stealth sales that hum along behind the scenes, quietly sneaking steady income into your Stripe or Paypal account?

Whip up your first winning, profitable ad campaign that gets signups + sales that scale, and gives you space to do what you love.

Unlock My Undercover Conversions

Unlock your Undercover Conversions with this proven future-proof technique that creates set-and-forget campaigns that bring sales for years, for as little as $5/day. (Even if you're not Don Draper.)

"If you can learn how to profitably advertise on Facebook, then you're off to the races and you can potentially make a lot of money. Imagine if every dollar you spent on Facebook turned into two dollars. How much would your advertising budget be?"
— Forbes

It's no secret that FB Advertising is one of the easiest ways to launch ideas and grow a business right now.

The problem? Most ad campaigns start out to be a case of the phantom ads.

Clues & telltale signs

🔎 no sales or signups

🔎 disappearing ad spend

🔎 diminishing ROI

🔎 troll comments, crickets or curse words

🔎 wondering if the algorithm gods are listening

The usual suspects

🕵🏻‍♀️ overwhelm from so much info from all the gurus

🕵🏻‍♀️ an FB ads course stuck at 30% progress bar...in radioactive green

🕵🏻‍♀️ analysis paralysis from all the ad strategies to choose from

🕵🏻‍♀️ a throbbing headache from decoding metrics like CPR, CPM, CTR, etc. (OMG, right?!)

The fact that FB keeps changing things doesn’t help! 🤬

"92% of businesses advertise on Facebook, yet 62% of them reportedly fail to make money from ads. It seems only a handful of players make money through ads."
— Forbes

​​​​​​​It's time to turn your ads from cold case to cold cash.

So how do we solve the case? Ah, it's pretty elementary, dear Ad Watson.

Don't worry, the algorithm hasn't gone rogue on you. 🦹🏻‍♀️

It's just confused. All we need is a strategy to remind it that it works for you. I happen to know the best one.

Ready to unlock your undercover conversions and create your first profitable ad? 🗝️

Unlock My First Profitable Ad Today


The sweet scent of ad success is right under your nose.

You just gotta clear the noise.

All those things you hear about ads?  Tactics.

What most forget to put first is strategy.

Master this one move and all else gets easier.

I know this because I've tried so many and keep reverting back to this ONE Strategy.

So whether you’re just starting out in your business or starting out with a new idea, having this skill in your toolkit is like an ace up your sleeve. It can get you validating your ideas, products and offers….which means getting signups and sales. ​​​

Wake up to days when the toughest decision becomes whether you want to put profits towards scaling your ads, filling your list or the proverbial pipeline, or scale it down and keep it as a profit (especially if you've got all the clients you can handle!)

You’re in complete control.


"This was exactly what I needed. I’m making my way through the material but I already think I’ve had a big win figuring out how to adjust my audience."


Designed for business owners who want the simplest and most effective way towards their first profitable ad campaign.

Without getting confused or slowed down with so many options.

  • savvy business owners who already have working offers and want to supercharge their growth, without watching hours of videos

  • beginners who aren't afraid of tech and already know how to create landing pages (if you want the full basics, check out my other workshops)

  • thinkers and tinkerers who have an idea or two that they’d like to test

  • quiet business owners who prefer to market like a monk and let the ads universe work for them (so they can meditate more and work on their craft)

    If you're someone who just wants to see signups and sales, without needing a master's degree in ads, then this is the strategy for you.


    So let me show you the simple strategy that turns an ad that sucks to one that gets you the big bucks.

    Here's the method I use that generates $5 dollars for every dollar ad spend, with set-and-forget campaigns that run profitably for years.

    You don’t even need a massive budget to find out if your ad will work.

    With as little as $5/day, I’ll show you step-by-step the complete simple visual roadmap of a winning ad campaign so you'll feel completely confident before going all in.

    Unlock My Undercover Conversions Today


    How it all works

    The AD ASTRA Framework

    From my favourite Latin quote: "Ad Astra Per Aspera," which roughly translates to: "to the stars, through difficulties."

    (And yep, all puns totally intended.)

    Audience → Splice → Test → Replicate → Accelerate

    This framework trains the algorithm to find your ideal customers and plant your ads in their feed. So you can connect with them and let them know that you have a product they'll love — that they never knew existed. Then we just get Zuck (via the algorithm) to find more of them.

    With one focus, it's easier to zone in on the metrics that matter. You'll know exactly what's working, where to make tweaks and why.

    The BEST Part? It works even if you're not a copy genius. I know, because copy isn't one of my superpowers. Yet I still got my ads to work.

    In fact, I won't even add screenshots because I'm sure you've seen enough, and you know none of that guarantees the same results. What I can guarantee is that you'll see better results than what you have now. All you have to do is test it out yourself.

    (Oh, and the next time you use those screenshots? Don't be impressed by Cost Per Lead. Cheap leads don't mean nothing if you don't get sales. )

    I don't know about you, but I'd rather focus on profits than get cheap leads with no profits.

    So it really all boils down to this focusing on one KEY thing: ROAS.

    (Return on Ad Spend, like ROI in the advertising world.)

    You're probably thinking: "No shit, Sherlock. Seriously, who are you and why should I listen to you?" (Only silently, because you're not rude.)

    First, you're right, it seems sooo obvious which is why it's mind-boggling why so many people are getting ads wrong. Second, not that I haven't been called a genius, but I'm definitely not Sherlock. 

    “It may be that you are not yourself luminous, but that you are a conductor of light. Some people without possessing genius have a remarkable power of stimulating it.” 
    ― Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

     We can't all be Sherlock. Think of me as Watson, your Sherlock Enabler / Genius Stimulator (that probably sounds weird, but you get it).

    Unlock My Undercover Conversions Today

    Hi, I'm Gretchen.

    Brand growth designer & corporate escape artist.

    I help multidisciplinary creators design ideas to life with simplicity, using simple tools that help scale their business with ease, giving them space to do what they love behind the scenes.

    And I'll bet you've never heard of me.

    That's because I harness the power of ads to let me and my clients test ideas and make sales, behind the scenes. To be honest, I'm in my element when antisocialising in cafes, with my Apple Pencil, iPad and Macbook in tow as my co-workers along with my almond flat white.

    Ads give socially-awkward, social-media challenged, antisocialising folks like me a chance. They help us sleep at night and get sales without getting on sales calls or obsessing about our next social media post. Or deliberating 5 minutes on how to leave a "meaningful reply".

    Ads are the ultimate time saver and energy saver. 
    That's why I happen to know a thing or two about ads.

    A thing or two is all you need. (Except of course, you want to become a master ad expert. If that's you then this probably isn't for you.)

    My clients include 6-7 figure entrepreneurs in various industries: ecommerce, clean beauty, eco-fashion and courses. I've helped craft winning campaigns from cheatsheet to campaign in some of the most challenging industries: B2C in courses.

    Though I keep a pretty low profile, hiding in my creative cave, you may have seen me in these other places around the web:

    ​​​​​​​The Profitable Ads Playbook

    One campaign, one ad creative, "one funnel" that you can set and forget.

    Learn how to train the algorithm and let it do its job of finding  your best customers. Fearlessly run tests. Once you find a working one, just tweak it to maximise the returns.

    No more content planning, worrying about organic posts, so you can focus on your zone of genius!

    You'll Learn:

    • Ad Astra - a 5-step repeatable framework that you can use to find your winning campaign.

    • Metrics That Matter - CPC, CPM, what they mean, why most are distractions. Plus the 3 key metrics that really matter (that hardly anyone brags about) and how to set them up on your dashboard.

    • Ad Hazards - The common mistakes to keep an eye out for - like the big brand strategy you don’t want to copy.

    • Stop Signs - Know exactly when to stop a campaign so you can try the next one, feel the forward momentum instead of getting stuck in indecision.

    • Scale Signs - How to know you've got a winning campaign (or the makings of) and what to do next so you get more of that, and when and how to scale it.

    • Multiply Method - How to duplicate campaigns fast and keep all your comments and shares.

    • Ideal Customer Dialer - How to dial in your campaigns to attract the engaged customers you want so you don’t have to worry about attracting the opposite (and blowing up your list and skewing your engagement stats).

    • Standout Secrets - Key design secrets to increase your ad-to-website signups, and avoid the "WTF effect" that causes high bounce rates.

    • LAA, LTV and Interests - which type of audience is right for you?

    You'll Get:

    The Profitable Ads Playbook

    A downloadable, printable, cloud-based step-by-step guidebook. No time for videos? Get the full framework in simple, bite-sized pieces with a guidebook that you can access anytime, anywhere. I call it a "living document" because it's in the cloud and I plan to make changes to it constantly. I want to make sure you get any updates. Facebook makes a lot of changes!

    Campaign Creator Visual Roadmap

    Get the full roadmap so you know why we're doing what, and have a bird's eye view of the whole campaign. The complete roadmap with all you need to know to plan every campaign so you increase the odds of it running. Got a campaign to run? Fill out the roadmap and have a reference point so you can make decisions fast, and feel confident that you know what you need to get the winning hand.

    Ads Swipe & Resource Vault

    Get my favourite ad campaigns that I've saved over the years for inspiration on ad creatives and copy to get you inspired and motivated, plus additional resources and where to find more.

    Campaign Champion Kit

    A full kit with checklists of all you need for your campaign to make sure you don't forget anything. You'll never have to worry about choosing the right options. There's only a few you need, so you can happily ignore the rest knowing you've got it covered.


    Profitable Ads Playbook

    How much are ads costing you? How much time are you wasting on organic posts that don't get much reach or results? How much is it worth stressing over?

    You can spend hundreds and hire an ads expert or experiment yourself. Or, fast-track your returns with the simplest path to creating a winning campaign.

    Ready to ace your ads?

    Getting started is simpler than you think.

    1 Choose your preferred learning style below — self-study or get 1:1 guidance.

    Complete your order and check your email for your course portal details.

    3 Get started to creating your winning campaign.



    * All prices in USD

    • AD ASTRA Profitable Ads Playbook

    • Step-By-Step Simple Strategy Walkthroughs

    • Campaign Creator Start-To-Finish Visual Roadmap

    • Ads Swipe & Resource Vault

    • Campaign Champion Kit

    • Bonus: Price to Profit Planner & Campaign Calculator

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    * All prices in USD

    • AD ASTRA Profitable Ads Playbook

    • Step-By-Step Simple Strategy Walkthroughs

    • Campaign Creator Start-To-Finish Visual Roadmap

    • Ads Swipe & Resource Vault

    • Campaign Champion Kit

    • Bonus: Price to Profit Planner & Campaign Calculator

    • 3 x 1:1 get-it-done intensives with me (Gretchen) over Skype or Zoom: Get ideas and guidance before, during, and after you've launched your first ad campaign!

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    Price to Profit Campaign Calculator

    Ever wondered how much you should spend or what price point you should aim at? This calculator helps you figure it all out. We all know that the key to profitable ads is actually making sure you're selling a product at a price point that covers your ad spend!

    Let's Get Zuck To Find You The Big Bucks


    Give it 60 days and you'll be thrilled to make profits or savings that exceed the price of the playbook, or simply email me to get a full refund.